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Aedamar's Blog on Love offers a rich selection of her spiritual writings and reflections in which she explores seminal questions such as, What is God?; Who am I?; Authenticity; Self-Acceptance; Creation; Being; Consciousness; and more.

Life-itself is Alive in YOU!!

Life is Alive with Love in You!
Let Love live in You!

Life is a Search for Meaning

Life reveals its secrets to those who are prepared to search. The deeper we explore the greater the riches we uncover.

A New Year A New You

New Year is a powerful time, bringing in the energy of the new and stirring up an exciting sense of possibility for the year that lies ahead. We stand on this symbolic threshold, between the old year and the new, feeling in our bones that something new and maybe even profound could unfold in our lives.

Fear is all that Love is not

It is a perverted a use of our faculties to seek to justify claims to division, difference and separation where none actually exits. Fear is humanity’s own autoimmune disease.


The wonder of life is how each different thing requires to be known in its own unique way. A mother, a lover, a friend, a flower, the starry sky, quantum physics, a piece of music, each of these have their own distinct way of being known, understood, and appreciated.

Entering The I AM

A prayer inspired by the experience of entering The I AM in meditation.

The State of Inner Peace

We all long for Inner Peace in life. We long for love, peace, joy, calm, harmony, contentment, flourishing, and all the gentle things of the soul. But how do we get them?

The Constellation of Love

If life is a creation of Love-itself, as I believe it is, and if we admit to our undeniable need for connection with others, then can we not agree that the energy...

Fearless and Grey at 50!

My hair began to go grey in my late thirties. Without hesitation I coloured it. A vague plan formed in the back of my mind that when I reached the age of 60...

Remember Who You Are

If, when Jesus incarnated, he had disowned his divinity, and through some warped sense of modesty had disavowed the miracles he performed, he would no...

"Who Am I?"

BECOMING AUTHENTICA very ancient truth, carved in stone above the Oracle at Delphi, is “Know Thyself”. One of the most important questions we will eve...

More on The School of Living Love

The School of Living Love has been established as place for heart and soul learning of Love in the Everyday. I believe to my bones that Love alone is ...