Aedamar Kirrane

Lawyer turned Philosopher,
Aedamar Kirrane, has learned that

The Law Of Life Is Love

Aedamar Kirrane is a philosopher and a spiritual writer specialising in the philosophy of Love. In 2015, at the age of forty-six, during the final semester of her BA in Philosophy and English in University College Dublin, Aedamar started to meditate, and within a matter of weeks she began to experience the preliminary stages of what transpired to be a profound Awakening to Love. For the next two years, Aedamar had daily mystical experiences during meditation through which she came into a life-changing understanding of God as Love.

Her decades-long struggle to figure out the meaning of life was now unequivocally answered by her coming into a profound knowing that the Meaning and Purpose of all existence is Love. Such was the power of her conversion to Love that Aedamar has redirected the course of her life in order to place her gifts in the service of contributing to, and supporting, the worldwide Spiritual Awakening that is unfolding at this time. All that Aedamar now offers is offered purely in the service of Love.