Aedamar Kirrane


We all face struggles in life but we don’t always know how to address them.

There is however one foundational shift you can make that will support you to face the problems in life in a whole new, constructive, and peaceful way. It is the shift to Inner Peace.

My Five Step Guide to Inner Peace is a beautiful resource to support you to come at life’s problems from a place of inner strength and calm rather than upset and distress.

I offer it to you with love, to support you in dealing with difficult issues in your own life.



Are you looking for inspiration and support on the spiritual path in life? Are you confused about where to begin? Or are you looking to take your spiritual searching deeper? If so, I warmly welcome you here.

I offer spiritual guidance to women who are seeking meaning in life at the level of the soul. If you long to live at the level of the soul, and to move beyond the surface markers of success in life, if you long for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life, I can support you.

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