Aedamar Kirrane


Light on Fire: Waking Up to Divine Love

Aedamar Kirrane

A book of modern Christian mysticism about my intimate journey to union with God.The book includes a guide to awakening, The Path of Gold: The Seven Stages of the Awakening Process, so you can begin your own beautiful journey to God as Love.



Winner of Hay House Dublin Writer’s Workshop 2019


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Do you long to Awaken?

Do you sense there is so much more to life but don’t know how to access it? Do you want to integrate your spirituality with your ordinary life? Are you interested in everyday mysticism?

Light on Fire will ignite and inspire your own Awakening to Love by sharing with you my lived experience of Waking Up to Divine Love.

Spiritual Awakening is an event in consciousness — the transformation of our intellectual, psychological, ego consciousness into higher spiritual consciousness where Love becomes the guiding principle of Life.

It is only by living from this higher spiritual consciousness that we will heal – as individuals and collectively – by surrendering ourselves to Love.


Guide to Awakening Included

Light On Fire is more than a personal story of a journey to God. Follow Aedamar's The Path of Gold – The Seven Stages of the Awakening Process, included in the book, toward your own Awakening.


Spiritual Awakening is a natural life event from which we have become estranged. We are designed to Wake up. We are meant to Wake up.

We need to Wake up.

When reason first emerged as a ground-breaking new faculty for humanity, 2,500 years ago, it was thought Reason had come to replace Spirit, rather than to complement it. We need to undo this mistake, by learning how to integrate our spirituality in our everyday lives, and learn to:

  • Re-embrace the Sacred,
  • Re-spiritualise our World,
  • Re-integrate our Spirituality with our everyday lives.
  • Wake up to Divine Love, here and now, in this life.