Aedamar Kirrane

A Meeting Place for the Heart

The School of Living Love was founded by Aedamar Kirrane in 2018 in response to her profound Awakening to Love and her consequent desire to place her life in the service of Love. The School of Living Love is her soulful contribution to the efforts worldwide by spiritual thinkers, artists, activists, environmentalists, writers, and others, to offer nourishment for the spiritual yearning people feel but do not necessarily know how to address. Aedamar has a deep, mystical knowing of the connectedness of all of Humanity and Nature through the unbreakable bond of Love.

The School of Living Love offers Courses on Living Love that will guide people into the art of making Love central to all they do in Life.  The School of Living Love offers to help people to harness the power of Love for ordinary, everyday life. When we live from a place of Love we beautifully enhance the quality of our own lives and the lives of all those around us.

“Know that you are loved passionately by Love-itself.”

An ancient truth, carved in stone above the Oracle at Delphi is, “Know Thyself”. The most important question we will ever ask ourselves is: “Who am I?” It can be the work of a lifetime to find out the answer. To come into our authenticity is our greatest achievement but we don’t necessarily know how to do it. At The School of Living Love we know that every single person in their truth, in their absolute core identity, is a being-of-love.

The answer to the question “Who am I?”, is that you are a human-being-of-love, created by Love, loved passionately and eternally by Love, and destined with certainty in the end, to return to Love. The School of Living Love seeks to help people to come into this beautiful self-knowing and learn how to anchor our lives in Love-itself. The truth we offer is that you would, ‘Know yourself loved by Love’.

Learning As Remembering

The School of Living Love offers the unprecedented curriculum of teaching you what you already know. Two thousand five-hundred years ago, Plato taught in The Meno Dialogue, that all learning is remembering. Following this line of thinking, The School of Living Love offers to teach you what you already know, by supporting you in remembering that in your purest, most ancient identity, you are already and eternally, a being-of-love.

You are created by Love, sustained by Love, loved by Love, and destined ultimately to Return to Love.

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“Become who you already are.”

- Martin Heidegger, Philosopher.