Aedamar Kirrane

Vibrant Conversation about Mary Magdalene & Spiritual Awakening

Mary Magdalene, Mysticism, Spiritual Awakening and Washing the Dishes!

I'd love to share with you the amazing conversation I had with my friend Cherie Burton for her podcast, Women Seeking Wholeness. We covered so much ground on all things spiritual and especially focused on our shared love for Mary Magdalene. We discovered that each of us received the same message from Mary Magdalene saying, 'Speak as I was not allowed to speak.' We explored how Christianity fatally left mysticism out of the picture and how as Christians we were raised to think that mysticism is not for us ordinary people - when in fact it is! We discussed this, and a whole lot more.

Spiritual Awakening

The main thing I encourage people to know is that spiritual awakening is a completely natural life event for a maturing adult. It is absolutely meant to happen, but our Western culture has so completely lost touch with its spiritual essence that we no longer know how to read the signs of an imminent spiritual awakening.

I didn't know what was happening to me

When my spiritual awakening began to happen I had no idea what was happening! I had no frame of reference or context for interpreting the unusual experiences I was having. It took quite some time for me to realise that what was happening was my spiritual awakening. I know there are countless women out there who are having similar experiences and equally don’t know what is going on.

For a number of years I did not understand that I was in the process of a spiritual awakening. I had entered the spiritual phase of my growth and maturity without even knowing such a thing could happen to an ordinary somebody not even consciously on a spiritual quest. In 2015 I began to have spiritual experiences of communing with Christ and Mary Magdalene in meditation. I also received exquisite visions of the Light yet I had no understanding how this could be happening to me, completely spontaneously and out of the blue. My awakening was happening despite my ignorance of it.

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Here are some gems from our conversation. I hope you enjoy.

  •  The key thing that I want to share is that when one experiences the Light in this way, the Light is Love. The Light is pure Love, and this is the absolute core of my calling … to share with whoever I can reach that God is Love, that the Light is Love and that we are creations of Light and we are creations of Love.
  • There is this amazing Magdalene energy that is really coming to the fore. And Mary Magdalene is trying to speak through anybody who will make themselves available to spread the word of Love, to spread the beautiful word of the marriage of the masculine and the feminine divine energy. That’s really what she and Jesus represent – the marriage of the masculine and the feminine, the union of opposites, the coming together of all as One.
  • When we can really allow the truth of the oneness of everything to really be felt in our heart, in our soul, in our mind, in our body, I think that’s the beginning of the mystical journey – to appreciate the oneness of everything.

This and more is what I explore with my friend Cherie Burton in our conversation on her podcast Women Seeking Wholeness. I hope you will enjoy listening. Women Seeking Wholeness interview with Aedamar Kirrane