Aedamar Kirrane

The Womb of Creation

The Womb of Creation

Yesterday, I sat to meditate with reverence, as I always do. I offered myself into the sacred presence of the Divine, which I know as Love.  I visualised pure nothing-ness and tried to feel my way back to the beginning of it all, to the time before time, to the formlessness of pure Being.

'I AM not, without you.'

I then had a profound experience of feeling myself to be standing before the Womb of Creation. I felt myself newly formed out of formlessness, out of the nothingness. I felt myself to be standing before the holiness of Jesus and then I heard the words, ‘I AM not without you.’

A sacred fire burned in me as I felt the holiness of these word bless me. And I knew that these word apply equally to us all. Creation is not, without us. The Whole is made up of all of the parts and we are those parts. The I AM, as the Creative power of Love, cannot be without all of creation. And what is needed is for all of us to know this truth: that, The Whole, God, The I AM, Life - whatever term we use - cannot be whole until we all acknowledge our belonging to It. We stand between Love and its birth into wholeness in the world.

'I AM nothing but Love.'

Then I also heard:
‘Not one thing exists that did not come forth out of the Womb of Love. Each beetle, each flower, each daisy, each mountain, is an expression of my Love. I choose to express my Being of Love in these beautiful forms – as a gift to Myself and to all that I have created. I created the beauty of this world. I AM in everything that exists. As I hold you in my Womb of Love, you too hold me in the womb of your love. Treasure the gift of Me in you. Hold Me as your own creation of Love and birth me out into the world so that all will know that I AM nothing but Love.’

I felt deeply blessed, and I share the blessing with you. Amen.