Aedamar Kirrane

Soul Growth

Peace Begins With A Smile - Mother Teresa

Life is a magnificent journey offering three levels of growth and maturity. The first stage of our growth occurs at the level of the physical and biological. It mostly occurs with no particular work on our part and it primarily concerns our relationship with ourselves and our body.

The second level of growth occurs at the level of the psychological and intellectual, and it does require our engagement. The level of maturity we reach in these areas is proportionate to the level of our commitment to the task in hand. This aspect of our growth is achieved in relationship with others.

Soul Growth

The third and highest level of our growth is Soul Growth. This growth requires our most conscious and dedicated commitment. This growth is achieved in relationship with the higher power I call God, and that you may know by another name. The highest expression of maturity in this area is the knowing of the oneness of all in All. It is the knowing of God as Love, and the knowing of all of Creation as a beautiful outpouring of love from Love.

At this level, we live in harmony with ourselves and all around us – we practice ‘acceptance’ as the highest form of living – we try to live without judgement. Here we are on the home-straight, invited to live in direct and immediate relationship with God despite our human finitude. Here, life can become beautiful.

Meditation & Contemplation

Meditation and contemplation are the methods by which we engage with our soul growth. In meditation we create a sacred space for Love to enter our being – body, mind, and soul. In meditation we can experience the love of God as a personal joy.

I warmly invite you to be engaged with your soul growth so that life can support you to come into the greatest expression of your beautiful being at the highest possible level.

Let’s take our lead from Mother Teresa, whose smile came from the depths of her soul.