Aedamar Kirrane

Sing the Song of your Soul

Sing the Song of your Soul

Tell the Story of your Heart


Each of us has a song in our soul, and a story in our heart, and our purpose in life is to sing our unique song and to tell our unique story. The deeper we enter into ourselves, the truer our song will ring out in the world and the more resonant our heart-story will be for others.

Many of us struggle to find our true purpose in life. We feel a calling to something big that we cannot name; we feel drawn to contribute something significant in life but we don’t know what that might be; we feel that we cannot fit into the parameters prescribed for a so-called successful life.

In my own journey through life I have lived with this deep sense of calling to something I could not name; with this desire to contribute something with my life without knowing what that might be; and with the lived experience that I could not fit into the conventional working world. And I have come deeply to realise that many of our frustrated efforts to figure out what we ought to do with our lives comes from the fact that we are living within far too limited a horizon of what is possible for us to do, to be, to express and to achieve in life.

We modern humans have been conditioned, both culturally and by religion, for 2,500 years to accept someone else’s limit of what is possible for our lives. We are conditioned to limit our perspective to the physical – material – psychological – intellectual – artistic worldview, when in fact there is so much more available. Each of these frameworks is magnificent in so far as it goes, but there is so much more available. The ‘more’ that is available is to come to know our true spiritual nature which has been repressed both by Western culture and civilisation, and by orthodoxy in the Western religions.

The full and free expression of our spiritual self and our spiritual knowing has been lost to us historically and now we must reclaim it.

In my own life, profound and difficult experiences brought me deep within my own self, into the dark night of my soul; along the unknown paths of my psychic forest, through pain, suffering, joy and sorrow. And at the end of these years of deep soul enquiry as to what I am here to do, what am I here to contribute, what am I here to express and to share with the world, I began to hear the gentle singing of my soul-song from deep within my soul, and I began to understand the story that I am here to tell.

The song of my soul is to sing others into the profound knowing that they too have a soul-song to sing. And the story of my heart is to share that the way to know the story of your heart is to live life at the deepest level, to sink below the surface of life, to travel deep into the woods of your psyche, to the depths where your spirit lives, and there, you will encounter your true self and then you will know the story that your heart longs to share with the world.

This is my story, I am sharing it with you.
This is my song, I am singing it for you.
Thank you for reading.