Aedamar Kirrane


Samhain, this Hallowed Eve, this Holy Evening.

Here in Dublin the gloaming of the evening has begun and the veil between the worlds is thinning. The crossing over between the earthly and the spiritual realms has started. The ancients well knew how to cross between worlds. Mostly now we cross over in meditation.

Crossing over in Meditation

As dusk began to fall across the sky on this hallowed evening, and a supernatural silence enveloped the city, I began to meditate. I consciously asked to enter the sacred realm and I asked for a message that I could share when I came back. Immediately I was welcomed into the sacred heart of Jesus.

Welcomed into the Sacred Heart of Love

Jesus said to me:

‘I hold you forever in my Sacred Heart of Love.
You are my own precious daughter of the Light.
You are my daughter of Love.

You are made out of Love, by Love, in Love, and for Love.
You are an expression of Love in the world.
Express my Love to the world.

Tell them I hold them all in my Sacred Heart of Love.
You are my holy daughter of Love.
Let me love the world through you.’