Aedamar Kirrane

Sacred Presence

I recently had a life changing experience when meditating with open eyes and looking softly over the stillness and beauty of Blacksod Bay in Co. Mayo. The Sea stretched before me in every direction, the mountains on Achill Island framed the view in the distance, and the sun was delicately breaking through the dawn clouds.

As I drank in the majesty of the view and the stillness of the landscape I felt my being dissolve into Being itself. I felt my small finite self become absorbed into the vastness of all of Life and I became one with all of Existence. I was no longer a separate 'part' of Existence, rather I was now indistinguishable from Existence, from Being, from Life. I was in Life and Life was in me - we were one and I became absolutely nothing to myself.  I had at last met the no-thing at the centre of my being – I  met the pure groundlessness of who I am. I was not frightened or terrified to find that there is absolutely nothing at my centre.  I knew my belonging in pure formless Being. Prior to this I had not known that formlessness is not nothing but is the essence of life itself.

The gift of such an experience is to feel oneself move beyond all finitude and to enter Infinitude - for our individual being to dissolve into Being itself, into Life itself and to know ourself as belonging most fundamentally to the glorious, formless, Power of Life.

This is the field where Rumi invited us to meet him. This is the Light at the centre of all Being. This is the absolute meaning of life – to access the formless void and not to be scared but to be absolutely awed.

This is Presence. This is Peace. This is the stillness I have been searching for these past few years. I have it now in my bones.

In deep gratitude to Life for gifting this experience to me.