Aedamar Kirrane

Life is a Search for Meaning

Mining for the Gold of our true Self

Just like any form of mining inside Mother Earth, we too must go deep inside ourselves to find our gold. But it is not just a psychological search, it is a psycho-spiritual search from the outset. It has been my own experience and my observation of others on the journey that the search for Self leads to God and paradoxically the search for God leads to Self. This coming together of the Self and God is the whole purpose of Life. ‘Yoga’ means union with God. The purpose of Life is to go out and to return. It is a circular journey that leads to higher knowing. As TS Elliot said:

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

To 'know thyself' is a psycho-spiritual search

Not to search, really is, not to live. Socrates, who is often regarded as a pre-figuring of Christ, famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” To be truly alive is to be engaged with the deep quest for Meaning. We must also be true to the full horizon of Socrates’ other famous dictum, “Know thyself.” For Socrates and for all of the ancient Greek philosophers, the gods were the most important dimension of Life. To leave the gods or God out of the horizon-line of the search is to conduct a half-search from the outset. The best searching will engage all of our faculties: physical, psychological-intellectual, and spiritual. To conduct a partial search leads to partial answers. To know ourselves is to know our wholeness in psychological and spiritual maturity, as one with God.

The deep psyche is sacred ground

A true search is conducted with an open mind, prepared to welcome all the riches that may be presented to the mind and the soul alike. Carissa Pinkola Estes, author of the brilliant Women who Run with the Wolves, said that the deep psyche is sacred ground. The deeper we go into ourselves the closer we come to God. And if God is Love-itself, as I believe it to be, then the deeper our exploration, the greater the Love we uncover. The true richness of Life is revealed as Love. When we discover this as a Truth then we begin to live from a place of Love, ensuring all we think, do and say is informed by the principle of Life-itself which is Love.

Life is an ever deepening Search for Meaning

When we reorient to Life as a search for meaning we learn to find satisfaction in the ever-deepening search rather than a supposed end goal. To discover God or Self, and to realise they are the same thing, is not the endpoint, it is a new beginning. As with all of Jesus' miracles in the New Testament, his restoring of sight to the blind man is not to be seen as a physical curing, but opening the eyes of the mind in order to see in a new way.

Wishing you every loving support on your search for meaning in Life.