Aedamar Kirrane

In The Light

Finding God in Nature

Most of us find it easy to connect with God when we are somewhere in Nature - everyone has their favourite setting - be it by the sea, or on the mountains, in the woods, or by a lake. I love Autumn. It is my favourite season. There is such joy walking in the woods as Mother Nature reveals her exquisite autumnal palette of reds, oranges, golds, browns, yellows and more. Dry leaves and nuts crunch underfoot. Sunlight shines through the barer trees and branches giving a mystical feel to the setting. I LOVE it.

Sacred Fire

Often when I mediate, I visualise myself in Nature. This morning, as I started to meditate I set the intention to fully surrender and then I visualised myself walking in a beautiful wood. I connected with two of my closest spiritual figures, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I really felt their presence with me in the wood. It was not my imagination. It was a higher feeling and seeing - a spiritual seeing and knowing. I felt sacred fire burn in me to be in their presence as the meditation unfolded.

A Path of Light

As I stood with Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the woods, in my meditation, a path of Light opened up before us like a golden river. We walked this path of gold towards pure Light and I had an inner knowing that there I would meet 'Who I am in my truth.' And I did. Sometimes in deep meditative contemplation we become who we truly are. I became light. An understanding came to me - I am in the Light and the Light is in me. I hold the Light in me and the Light holds me in It.

A Tree of Light

Then I saw a tree of light take shape in the Light - form coming out of formlessness. Then I saw myself as a golden leaf on a high branch of this tree of light. A short while later I saw that I was also the powerful trunk of the tree. I breathed into that knowing for several breaths and felt myself burn with sacred fire. Then I also knew I was the magnificent root system of this tree of light and I burned some more to feel myself being the anchor of this magnificent creation of light. Then I understood, I am each of these things at the same time and it depends on where I place my attention which type of self-knowing I will have.

'Write the Light.'

I asked Mary Magdalene and Jesus what I should do next - meaning, in my working life - and the inner answer I received was, 'Write the Light.' I felt my body burn with sacred fire at the holiness of it all. Then they said, 'Describe all you know of the Light.'

This post offers my description of what I experienced of the Light in my morning meditation. There was much more which I will share another day.

My final offering is to share my paraphrase of the opening lines of the Gospel of St. John ... 'In the Beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God ... and the Word was Light, and the Light was Love.'