Aedamar Kirrane

Happy New Year!

What is the New Year calling you to do, or to be?

Today, we stand on the most significant threshold of the year - crossing over into a new year, full of promise, possibility, potential, and hope.  I often think of a threshold-experience as akin to a calling. That the experience of crossing over into something new in fact arises from a sense of being called by that thing, to cross over towards it, to come closer to it, to reach in its direction.

I believe, as Rumi believed, that our desires and dreams are in fact calling us to exactly the future of which we dream. Rumi said, 'That which you long for, is longing for you.' I really believe this - as a deep wisdom - that what we feel a longing to create, or to do, or to be, is equally inviting us to co-create that reality with it. So that, behind our conscious New Year Resolutions, there is actually a silent call to us, from our future, inviting us to live the life we truly want to live.

Life Itself is Calling to Us

Something else that I have come to understand very deeply through my philosophical and spiritual studies, is that when we find ourselves longing for something new, or for something different to happen in life, when we wish for change, even though we don’t know what that change might be – that this is in fact Life-itself calling us to move into the next phase of our life. It is the life-force of Life inviting us to enter a new, richer and deeper experience of life, one that will bring us into a fuller and richer expression of who we really are.

New Year Rituals

Since ancient times, people have marked the crossing over into the New Year with sacred rituals in order to acknowledge that this is a sacred time: a time full of hope and promise for midwifing our dreams into reality. The tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions is borne of the blessing of the chance to start again. It is a wonderful time to try something new, or to re-commit to an old project that might have stalled. With the sacredness of the crossing over, there is a new energy available to us, to support us in our hopes and plans.

Creative Ideas have Consciousness

In an interview that Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) gave when Big Magic came out, she explored a very similar idea to this in the context of creative inspiration. Her view is that creative ideas are floating around, consciously looking for a human partner to make them manifest. She says the ideas will knock on our door a few times but if we don’t cooperate, they move on to someone else who may be willing to write that book or paint the picture or discover quantum energy or whatever creative inspiration is being offered.

I had quite a dramatic experience of exactly this several years ago. I wrote a memoir of my experience of giving birth and early mothering. I called it The Afterbirth but I did nothing to try to get it published. A few years later, I read a rave review in the Sunday Times Book Review Section of a book called The Afterbirth by Eliza Albert, an American author, on exactly the same topic with uncannily similar experiences to my own! That kind of thing has happened to me a few times, but that was the most dramatic example. It was very chastening for me and I tend to take inspiration much more seriously now.

New Year's Resolutions are Calling us to our Future

So I really believe that the tradition of making New Year Resolutions is more meaningful than we might think. It’s not that we are seeking change for the sake of doing something different, but that Life itself is prompting us into a new and richer phase of our existence. Life is calling us to become more fulfilled in ourselves, and to become more authentic and more true to who we really are. Looked at from this wider perspective, it becomes easier to commit to our New Year Resolutions and to bring in the changes we want to see in our lives.

The Deeper Meaning of New year's Resolutions

Our deepest fulfillment lies in our living a life that richly satisfies us and resonates with our heart’s true interests. So, as we make a list of resolutions for the year that lies ahead, let’s listen to the deeper call and prompting that lies beneath our surface plans. Listen for the call of Life itself guiding us into a new, richer, and more meaningful phase of life, and let’s take these prompts seriously. Believe that your future self depends upon you following through on these resolutions to guide you into the life you really want to live.

New Year's Resolutions contain the Energy of Life

January is the time to engage in deep self-reflection about what we really want, not just for the year ahead, but for our whole life. This January, consider that the energy that lies behind your New Year Resolutions is the energy of Life itself calling you to live your best life. Take it seriously, commit to your best and most fulfilled future, harness the energy needed to follow through on your dreams and deeply appreciate and enjoy all that will unfold. In this way you will ensure you have not only a very happy new year but a very happy new life.

Happy New Year to all!

Original article published by Positive Life magazine.