Aedamar Kirrane

Black Lives Matter

George Floyd

George Floyd died a martyr’s death, suffocated by the oppressive brutality of a poisonous regime masquerading as democracy, supposedly guaranteeing freedom for all, justice for all, and equality for all—but reserving those privileges for an elite, whose skin colour qualifies as worthy of freedom, justice and equality.

Our culture and supposed-civilisation is a sham, an affront to all who suffer under white, patriarchal power, that codifies racial inequality and injustice. Our culture is deformed and it deforms; it is disfigured and it disfigures; it is broken and it breaks; it is corrupt and it corrupts.

No one gets out of this broken mess unaffected—those who openly suffer, and those whose suffering is an unacknowledged disfiguring in the soul of those who perpetrate and perpetuate the unjust systems of racial inequality and injustice.

The time is NOW to speak Truth to Power. Each one of us bears responsibility to speak and to act for what we know is right – justice for all and equality for all. No longer turning a blind eye to the rot at the core of our culture and civilisation.

We need a radical transformation of consciousness – a radical reappraisal of how we live, and how we are, as human beings. We need a new way forward, and that Way is LOVE. Love of all for all.

Our suffering comes from being cut off from our true spirituality that is the self-regulating mechanism of humanity. We live half a life, operating from the head and not from the heart. We need to reconnect reason to spirit, the head to the heart—the seat of Love, where we connect with our inner essence and our inner truth. When we live from this deep inner place of truth we simply cannot act in any way, or tolerate, that which violates the human dignity of another sister or brother.

There was a teacher of love in Galilee 2,000 years ago. A Jew, an olive-brown skinned man, an outsider, a man who gave his life in peaceful protest against the rule of worldly power. Jesus was not a white man—he was one with the oppressed, the rejected, the despised – and yet so many have whiten-ed Jesus in a way that is anathema to everything he stood for. If we stand with Jesus as an olive-brown skinned man – would not our love for Jesus translate into Love of all colours and cultures.

I offer my love and sympathy to the family and friends of George Floyd. I wish that neither you or George had to suffer in this way for the world to Wake up and see itself for what it is – broken, disfigured, deformed. I am truly sorry that George paid with his life for this global Awakening. And I am also grateful to George, a martyr, that his death has given me the courage to speak the truth that is in my heart, that the time is NOW to speak Love back into our broken world.