Aedamar Kirrane

Advent Week Two

Pregnant with Love.

Advent is the Christian time of preparation for the great birth of Love into the world.

Following on from the beautiful Eckhartian idea that we each are called to conceive Love in our hearts, I now envisage myself to be pregnant with Love. I imagine myself, like Mary, to cherish the seed of Love that is growing in my heart-womb.

I sit with this growing seed in the darkness of Winter, in the darkness of Advent and I marvel at the miracle of how Love births Itself into the world through each one of us – when we make ourselves available to It.

During these darkest weeks of the year, I withdraw from the world and go inwards, to nurture the nascent Love that is growing inside me.

I sit in silent wonder at the miracle that Love offers itself to each of us to birth out into the world. And even more so, that without each of us birthing Love into the world, Love cannot be birthed into the world.

In a recent meditation God said to me, 'Where I find a welcoming heart, I AM.'

Advent blessings to all.