Aedamar Kirrane

Advent, Week One.

The Eternal Birth of Love in each of our Hearts

Advent is the time when we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, as the Incarnation of Love, into the world. I would love to invite us all to realise that we should no longer treat the birth of Jesus as an external event that happened once, 2,000 years ago, in a stable in Bethlehem, but to take our lead from the brilliant 14th century mystic Meister Eckhart, who taught that the birth of Jesus is an eternal event and is meant to be happening in each of our individual hearts, every day of our lives.

“What does it avail me that the birth is always happening, if it does not happen in me?'       Meister Eckhart.

Conceiving Love in our Hearts

Mother Teresa said that Advent is a time for ‘Spiritual Self-examination.’ This means stepping back from the ordinary concerns of our lives, in order to go inwards. Spiritual self-examination occurs at the level of our spiritual or higher consciousness. We go inwards, to the place inside us where our soul lives, and sit there in silent reflection and meditation, allowing ourselves to be readied to conceive Love in our hearts. Once conceived, Love will blossom and grow in us so that some day soon, each of us, like Mary, will be ready to birth Love into the world.

Prayer for the first week of Advent.

In darkness and in silence, I prepare to conceive Love in the stable of my heart.

I step out of ordinary consciousness, into spiritual consciousness,

And there I await the miracle of Love to enter my whole being.

I ready myself for Love, and Love finds a welcome home in the stable-womb of my heart.