Aedamar Kirrane

Advent IV

I went for a walk this morning, as the sun rose on this holy day, Christmas Eve, and there was the most amazing sense of joy in the air. I could feel it ringing from the rushing river and I could sense it singing from the trees of the woodlands of UCD. There was a joyous sense that Nature knew today was the holy day when Love itself was birthed into the world in the form of the infant Jesus. Nature was already celebrating.

I fell to thinking about the sadness that God needed to intervene in human affairs, to offer a course correction for how badly we had gone wrong. And I felt such a sense of wonder that God had subjected Itself to the laws of this space-time continuum, as a human baby, rather than coming in as a purely supernatural Event. It struck me how humble God is, that God is determined to help humanity to help itself by offering Itself in the human form of Jesus as an exemplar of how to live a good life. Humanity has everything it needs to rise into higher living if we would choose to do so.

Jesus came to reorient us to fact that the whole purpose and point of human life is to awaken to the Spiritual dimension of life. Living in resolute finitude is a denial of our purpose and a denial of the real meaning of life. We undo this denial when we transcend this space-time continuum, when we breach the limit of the known, when we soar beyond the limits of physics, and know the joy and the wonder of the Light.

Christmas is the time when the Light came into the world with an invitation to us all to rise about the finite and to enter the infinite where all is Light and all is Love. Jesus came to show us the Way. The Way is Light and the Way is Love.

Happy Christmas to you and to all those you love. My prayer is that you will experience the birth of love in your own soul and in your own life.

Aedamar xoxo