Aedamar Kirrane

A Call to Love Part VI

A Call to Love


Aedamar Kirrane

Part VI (Final Part)


Humanity is currently going through a time of profound evolutionary growth. When this happens it is known as an Axial Age. The last time we experienced an Axial Age was approximately 500 years before Christ, (2,500 years ago) when there was a spontaneous explosion of intellectual thought for the first time in human history. Philosophers call it The Golden Age. It was the time of Plato, Parmenides, Heraclitus, Confucius, Lao-Tse, Buddha, Zarathustra, the Hebrew Prophets, Homer. For the first time Reason became available as a form of meaning making and constituted a huge gift in helping us to understand ourselves and the world. Whilst Reason ought to have complemented previous meaning making practices such as myth, magic, poetry, story, intuition, ritual, and spiritual practices, it replaced them. Reason was soon enthroned as the primary arbiter of all that mattered in life. The reign of Reason culminated in The Enlightenment when Reason was declared God and we have been on a downward spiral of self-destruction ever since.

The evolutionary shift we are now going through is from the Rule of Reason and Greed to the Rule of Love. We are in a new Axial Age. We are entering The Spiritual Age or The Age of Love. All over the world women in particular are waking up and being called to a new form of discipleship to the One as Love. Each in her own religious or spiritual tradition is being called to rise up and lead a new form of what I am calling Feminine Spirituality. Thousands of ordinary women are experiencing spontaneous awakenings similar to my own and are not scared out of their wits like I am. We are all united in one longing to bring Peace to Earth and to restore the Divine Feminine to her rightful place.

Encountering so many other women engaged in similar spiritual awakening has helped me to realise that my experience is part of something much bigger than my personal life story. I realised a matrix of Love is blossoming all over the world. I see this rising of women on behalf of the Divine Feminine as the answer to the ills of the world. With women leading a New Order of Love, a new Politics of Love, a new Economics of Love, we can achieve world peace, justice for all, equality and compassion for all. We will end wars, feed the hungry, clothe the poor and care for the sick. And we will care for our precious Mother Earth and repair the insane desecration of our earthly home. Women everywhere are rising up for the higher ideals of a good society guided by sacred ideals of peace, justice and equality for all under the rubric of the holy marriage of the Feminine and the Masculine.

The reason we are so ill-prepared to welcome in this New Age of Love is because our exclusive veneration of Reason as the sole arbiter of Life caused the world to become de-spiritualised. We have lost touch with the innate spiritual dimension of Life. The natural spirituality of the world has been oppressed, suppressed, and repressed in favour of Reason and Science and so we are not equipped to welcome the Spiritual Age with any spiritual ease. With effort we can of course recover our spiritual nature, learn to read the Signs once more and become receptive to the Age of Love that is unfolding at this time. If I can contribute in any small respect by pointing the way and being a signpost with this book then I will consider my life to have been blessed with the deepest meaning and the highest purpose. I offer my story in humble service to the work of birthing the New Way. The New Age of Love is above religion, it is a call to every soul alive to align with Love. World Peace is one step and one breath away, if we would but choose to take that step and to draw that breath.

Karl Rhaner, a Catholic theologian, famously said that the future Christian will be a mystic or will not be at all. I now take this even further to say that we are all meant to become mystics, regardless of our belief system, we are all intended to grow in spiritual maturity and love until we realise there is no separation, there is no division, there is no veil between the realms except the veil we choose to see. It should not be regarded as strange that a mystic can move between heaven and earth – what should be regarded as strange is that everyone else is not doing it too.

West Cork.
Easter Week 2019.

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