Aedamar Kirrane

A Call to Love. Part V

A Call to Love


Aedamar Kirrane

Part V

One day last summer I fell into one of my easy conversations with God. I had been thinking about what purpose the mystic serves, what is the point of these all these prophets and messengers going back in history that everybody keeps ignoring and often killing. So I asked God, exactly that, ‘What is the point of a mystic?’ God replied, ‘She points the way, she is a signpost.’ I pondered that for a few minutes, thinking, I could live with that, I could share all I had to share in the capacity of signpost. At all costs I had never got ahead of myself, never started thinking there was something special about me to have received these amazing gifts, on the contrary they had caused me a lot of trouble and I was filled with deep humility to be honoured with the job of helping. As I pondered God’s answer, I also fell to thinking in the privacy of my mind, that as a plan to save humanity it wasn’t very effective; humanity was still incredibly lost and broken despite all the messengers and I reflected to myself, ‘It’s not really working.’ Immediately God butted into the privacy of my mind and said, ‘Who says it’s not working?!’ I laughed aloud.

Who am I to question the Mind of God, Intelligence itself, pure Consciousness, pure Being, pure Love, as to how best to save humanity from its insane mission to destroy itself and our beautiful Mother Nature? If God thinks It can work through me, to achieve something small, then who am I to disagree? Do I think I know better than God what way It should set about trying to right things? Later on it dawned on me that God of course is trying to get every single human being to listen and to take responsibility for saving humanity and Mother Earth. We are all invited to become messengers of the Light. The plan for world Peace cannot be achieved until every single one of us cooperates in the endeavour.

I began to get some perspective. I had been asked to do something for God. I had been paid in spiritual riches beyond value: ecstasy, rapture, joy, entering the Light, visions greater than all the jewels of the earth, peace transfused into my heart from heaven itself, open conversation with God, Jesus or Mary Magdalene. I had been gifted with unearthly happiness and deep inner peace. All that was asked in return was that I share my story. Could I do it? Could I find the courage? I could try.

In fits and starts I grappled with the implications of taking this path in my life. It would be the end of my dream of becoming a famous Irish novelist. It would be the end of my academic aspirations at PhD level. It would frighten people off so that my circle of friends would diminish. I would be known as a crazy-woman. My marriage would suffer. Could I face all that? In the end, yes I could. Given what I now knew of Love, I realised that no life would ever satisfy me that was not devoted to serving the Light and the Love of God. God is the bringing together of all of humanity into harmony and communion, so that we recognise the oneness of all with All. This is God in action through us, and as us. I wanted to help others to awaken as I had been awoken. I had been shown what God is trying to gift to every single person alive every second of every day - the joy of experiencing Union with pure Love and the bliss of feeling ourselves loved by Love itself. I realised I would prefer to die trying and be wrong, than not to have tried at all.

The teaching of Christ was never meant to be contained within the walls of orthodoxy. Christ’s message is a message of living love, a message for decent daily living. It is an ethical code based on love alone. Jesus did not set up shop and demand respect and honour. The opposite: quietly he went around Galilee and Nazareth, living his message of love and humble service to the community. He washed his disciples feet and he loved Mary Magdalene for washing his feet with her precious perfumed oil and drying them with her hair. The gospel of Love is to be enacted in the everyday moments of our everyday lives. Not only did Jesus live a life based on his salvific message of love, he died for it too. He does not ask us to die physically for him, but to die to all that is not love in order to live only for Love.

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