Aedamar Kirrane

A Call to Love. Part IV

A Call to Love


Aedamar Kirrane

Part IV


As I am writing these paragraphs, on the evening of the 15th April 2019, (Monday of the Christian Holy Week), news has just come in that Notre Dame in Paris is in flames. As I looked at pictures of this beloved 850 year old Cathedral burning wildly, I began to cry. I imagined Jesus and Mary Queen of Heaven for whom the cathedral had been built, crying in heaven watching this most beautiful cathedral of Our Lady being destroyed before our eyes. Then I felt the uncanny symbolism of it. My sadness at the fire of Notre Dame epitomised my conflicted feelings. There was much still to value and admire about the Catholic Church but so much to regret and be ashamed of.

Incredibly sad as it is to watch this precious jewel of the Church burning in this violent and tragic manner, the old Church has to die. It must die to make way for a New Church and a New Christianity. There is sadness because not all of the Church, not all of its priests deserve the harsh criticism that is levelled at the whole institution but there is a rot and a failure in the very fabric of the Church that makes it necessary to move on to a New Way, a mystical way. The soul of Paris was on fire and my own soul was in tears. I prayed that my tears might help put out this fire of destruction and that true Christians everywhere would work together to create a New Church built on the solid foundation of Love and the mystical essence of the Christian Story.

The following morning when I meditated, I offered my meditation for Notre Dame. With a sad heart I acknowledged that the old structures must die to make way for the new. In my mind’s eye I held a picture of the cathedral in flames and I asked God to show me how this destruction could possibly represent something positive. Immediately I was given to understand the fire raging from the roofs of Notre Dame was the Fire of the Holy Spirit breaking free of the old order, escaping the imprisoning laws of the Church, expanding its holy reach out into the world to be with the people once more. A sacred fire ran through my own body. Notre Dame, Our Lady, had sacrificed her Cathedral in Paris in service to the New Christianity without a single life being lost in the inferno. We are not alone, there is a plan, but it cannot be birthed without human cooperation. The plan is Peace for all and Love for all. The plan is heaven on earth. This has been the plan all along but we have failed to understand. We stand now on the threshold of a New Age, the Age of Love, but it cannot manifest until every single sister and brother lives in harmony with each other and with Nature, each of us living the sacred connection of all with All.

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