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Aedamar's Blog on Love offers a rich selection of her spiritual writings and reflections in which she explores seminal questions such as, What is God?; Who am I?; Authenticity; Self-Acceptance; Creation; Being; Consciousness; and more.

Happy New Year!

As we cross over into a new year, Life itself is prompting us into a new and richer phase of our existence. Life is calling us to become more fulfilled in ourselves, and to become more authentic and more true to who we really are.

Advent IV. The birth of Love

Christmas Eve is a time for Wonder. It is the time when Love was birthed into the world.
Jesus, as Love, came to show us the Way.
The Way is Light and
The Way is Love.

Advent III. Give birth to Love

Preparing to Birth Love into the World.
There is no one else coming -
It is up to us.

Advent II. Pregnant with Love

God said, 'Where I find a welcoming heart, I AM.'
Welcome Love into your Heart.

Advent I. Conceive Love

In darkness and in silence I prepare to conceive Love in the stable of my heart. I step out of ordinary consciousness into spiritual consciousness and there I await the miracle of Love to enter my whole being. I ready myself for Love and Love finds a welcome home in the stable-womb of my heart.

The Womb of Creation

Out of the womb of Love came all things. Through a Singularity that Big Banged all that exists came forth. All, is an expression of Creative Love.

Sing the Song of your Soul

Sing the Song of your Soul
Tell the Story of your Heart
Each of us has a song in our soul, and a story in our heart, and our purpose in life is to sing our unique song and to tell our unique story.


'Tell them I hold them all in my Sacred Heart of Love.
You are my holy daughter of Love.
Let me love the world through you.’

In The Light

In the Beginning was the Word ... and the Word was Light.
'I am in the Light and the Light is in me.'

Soul Growth

Life as a Journey of Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Growth.

Inner Peace in a Hurricane

There is an eye of calm at the centre of every storm. This is the place to seek out when we face the challenges of life – the inner place of peace and stillness.

Courage to follow Christ

We need Courage to find a New way forward in Christ.