Aedamar Kirrane


Aedamar is a gifted scholar, philosopher and a compassionate teacher for anyone who desires to deepen into an authentic and richer experience of living life from Love.

I see her inspired reflections and teachings alongside John O'Donohue and the “masters".

Her podcast series of mystical meditations set to music are intoxicating - exquisitely beautiful, inviting my Soul to stillness and serenity, and a deep “knowing” of mySelf as a Being of Love and Joy. Spiritually rich and uplifting.

- Danila Székely, Transformational Coach | Facilitator | Speaker | Your New Story Now!


I have been honoured to have come to know Aedamar over recent years. I have also had the privilege of working with her and this has been an inspiring, insightful and enriching experience for me.

Aedamar is a very learned scholar and academic. She has a deep interest in and love for philosophy, psychology and mysticism. She is profoundly well-read and educated in these areas and the depth of her learnedness and academic talent is vast. To hear her speak and share the knowledge and wisdom that she has attained from such in-depth and dedicated study is inspirational. Aedamar is also an extremely gifted writer.

Aedamar is utterly devoted to her work as a scholar, philosopher and teacher. She speaks so openly, honestly and heartfeltly about her work and the path that has opened before her. Her meditations are illustrative of the peace, love, solace, and serenity that one can attain within oneself when our divine essence is embraced. Her meditations are graced with purity, serenity and peace.

I would hope that anyone who has a yearning to come to know themselves and their Divine essence will meet Aedamar. They will find great insight, learning, and solace in working with her. Aedamar is thoughtful, generous, kind and compassionate, and she also has a wonderful sense of humour. I am very grateful that our paths in life have crossed.

- Brian Peoples CST-T MIACST

Upledger Institute of Craniosacral Therapy

“Aedamar speaks from the heart to the heart. As a teacher of Love, she draws on her personal experiences of a universal truth - that of the love which we are in our essence and which we all share, both as human beings and with all life on Earth. Her teaching, which has come to her directly through meditation, is offered with passion and 'fire' (to use her own word), vivid and immediate, just as it was received by her. Aedamar’s commitment to sharing her experiences of the many facets of love is refreshing in its honesty. She teaches with the integrity that comes from knowing that what she is teaching is a truth coming not from her, but through her."

- Eleanor Dawson

"Aedamar, May your Light filled transmissions reverberate far and wide in resonance with all the divine seeds ready to spring into life and bloom from within! May all your courageous acts of Love be ever amplified by the abundant joy, support and celebration Source feels for you. It is with utter delight and appreciation that my own creative transmissions accompany yours in response to another beckoning adventure upon the ever expanding frontiers of who we truly are. Allison."

- Allison Cooke

"It has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure to work with Aedamar. Her desire and calling to broadcast and teach love flows through everything she is and does. Courageous, committed and beautifully talented soul."

- Liz Svensson, Systematic Kinesiologist and Wellness Advocate

"Aedamar and I met some years ago when we were both attending a continuous professional development course. It was a meeting for which I am eternally grateful.

In the company of Aedamar you witness someone who truly lives what they believe. She has been given the beautiful grace that allows her to meet each person from a place of love. The experience of being in her company is always one of freedom, respect and love. Aedamar’s meditations are profound and memorable; they have the ability to enable one to reach new depths within themselves and to connect with the Divine.

I look forward to attending The School of Living Love because I know that at its heart is the Truth – The Meaning of Life is Love."

- Bridget (Bridie) Keane, Counsellor / Psychotherapist