Aedamar Kirrane
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We Belong to Love


As I sit here this morning, Sunday, in holy contemplation, I join myself to Love-itself. Love has called me by my name, and I have responded by understanding that I only have my true being in Love-itself. There is a fire raging in my head now, burning beautifully with this sacred knowing. Knowing that I belong to Love in the most fundamental and primordial way, knowing that I have my being, only because of Love, knowing that my whole essence, identity, and being is a creative outpouring from Love-itself. It makes sense then, for me, in my whole being and knowing, to return myself to Love, to come home to Love. And this is what is unfolding for me this morning in my meditation – I knowingly and intentionally place myself back into the heart-womb of God, my Mother, my Father, my Creator.

There is a fire in my head now. And I am peacefully stilled, and quietly joyous to know that I am in my true home, I am where is The I AM, which is where we all belong. We are all of The I AM,createdintentionally by Love-itself with the soul intention that we would be beings-of-love; that we would be children of Love. We were birthed out of the heart-womb of Mother-Father God in our original creation and so powerful and tremendous and beautiful and strong and eternal are we in our original creation that nothing on earth could undo the beauty and the power that we are when we know ourselves to be children of Love.

In my meditation this morning I have re-positioned myself in my knowing, in the Circle of Love. I have taken up once more my rightful place in the Circle that is Love. And a fire is burning in my head as I know how richly, how warmly, how lovingly, how beautifully, how eternally, I am welcomed back into the Circle of Love, by Love-itself.

All belong in this Circle and all that it takes to have awareness of this belonging to the Circle of Love, is to come into the knowing, indeed the remembering, the remembering, as Plato insisted two and a half thousand years ago, the remembering, that we are children of the Light. And so, I am joyous to have remembered. I have remembered in my whole being, and in my whole knowing, that I come from the Light – that all come from the Light. Nothing can exist that does not come from the Light. The Light is the Source of all glorious, loving creation and when we come back into this knowing – when we remember what we are in our original creation, it becomes quite straightforward to move, easily, towards the Circle of Love.

And so I have taken up my place again here this morning in my meditation, and I know myself in the company of sacred sisters and brothers. I know myself in the company of ancient friends, of very, very, very ancient friends. And I know myself in the company of my loved ones who have passed through. And I know myself in the company of very precious sacred friends who have become known to me this year, 2018, all over the world – Australia, New Zealand, all over America, all over Europe, sacred sisters, equally knowing that we belong in the sacred Circle of Love. And I am going to sit here now in silence for twenty minutes, contemplating the beauty of this knowing that I am where I truly belong, in the Circle of Light and Love, making up what is our Mother-Father-Creator, God Almighty. And I call on the particular assistance of my two closest friends in this Return to Love, Jesus and his beloved Mary Magdalene. I call to you both now to keep me company, on either side, as I go deeper into this Contemplation of Love.