Aedamar Kirrane
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Waking up to Love


When I awoke this morning, I envisioned myself as a green shoot. O there is a fire burning in my head as I recall the wonder of knowing that this green shoot that I now saw myself to be was and is a green shoot of love. All over the world green shoots of love are coming up through the earth, nourished by Love, filled by Love, growing with Love, for the purpose of manifesting Love on our glorious earth. I am a green shoot of love and all that I wish to offer to the world, is Love.

I have established Love as the highest ideal by which I choose to live; knowing of course, that this has been a gift to me, to have the insight that Love is the guiding light of Life. Love is the guiding light of Life. Once this truth is revealed to us, once this truth becomes known to us, either through a direct revelation, or more likely as was my case, through - not just years - but decades of hard work, struggling to try and figure out the meaning of existence.

What a joy now that it is for me to know, O most assuredly, that the meaning of life is Love. And as I say this there is the most astonishing fire burning in my head and pouring down through my body all the way down my legs, through my feet and out into my precious Mother Earth. I am a being of love, as all are beings of love.

Now is the time to come into this knowing. Now is the time to know that the answer to all searching that the human can do in life, is Love. Love is the end point as Love was the beginning point, the Alpha and the Omega of Life. All of existence derives from Love-Itself. All of existence is supported by Love-Itself. All of existence is heading home to Love-Itself. And we are invited to come home to Love any minute we choose on this human, earthly journey.

This life was never meant to be separated from the glorious spiritual purity of living in formless Love. This beautiful created universe was and is intended to be a manifestation of Divine Love in created form. The miracle of existence is staggering to the human mind. It is impossible for the human to bring something into existence out of nothing, but it is all in a day’s work for the Divine to produce created matter out of Its formless Self.

The Divine - Being - in its entire existence is Creative Love, and out of this Creative Love It created a loving creation. The multiverses that we see, that we know exist far beyond our comprehension – these are manifestations of Love. This is how the Divine chose to produce out of Itself in created form.

Green shoots of Love, emerging most peacefully from the loamy earth. Green shoots of Love emerging most peacefully in response to the call of the Divine for created matter to come forth out of Itself. We are all green shoots of Nature; we are green shoots of Love. We were made in Peace for peace. We were made in Love for Love. We were made out of the Light by Light as Light. And the light that we were in our original creation was placed, O most miraculously, and O most ingeniously, into created bodies. How this miracle occurs is beyond the comprehension of the human mind, but that it occurs is true beyond any reasonable doubt - beyond any possible doubt. Created form did not come from absolutely nothing but it came from formlessness, it came from Spirit, and it came from Spirit which is Love. God is Love. God is always, eternally, pure, glorious, peaceful Love.

Let us come home to Love today. Let us see ourselves simply as a green shoot on a branch, belonging, to our favourite flower, or to our favourite bush, or to our favourite tree. I am now going to envisage myself as a leaf beginning to bud on a rose bush, on a white rose bush. And I know that my leaf is contributing to the wellbeing and the existence of this beautiful rose bush. I am drawing in the light of the sun, and the deep structures of my leaf existence transfigure the light of the sun into energy to feed these beautiful roses that I see blossoming all around me. I see countless white roses in every stage of development and they are majestic. My head is on fire now as I envisage these white roses on my white rose bush and I see them shining so brightly that they are in fact Light. They are light-roses, they are roses of light. They are shining so brightly, so exuberantly, so happily. They are reflecting the sun back to the sun. They are reflecting the light that they are in their original creation back to the light that feeds them. And as the sun feeds my earthly leaf, the great Son of God feeds my earthly soul. My soul is longing for you, O God.

Mary Magdalene, my mother in love, who has revealed great truths to me, my head is burning, burning, burning alive with love for you, now. And I know that the fire that I feel in me is in fact, you as fire, in me. Let me be fire in you, Mary. And let me be a growing leaf of Love, one small leaf of Love, supporting the project of transfiguring light into Light.

Thank you, my precious mother in love, and my precious father, Jesus your beloved. Thank you for the holy union of the feminine and the masculine. As there was only One in the beginning is there One in the end. The One went out from Itself as masculine and feminine intending, O most beautifully and most peacefully, to be a glorious support to each other for all the length of the created universe. The masculine and the feminine are reunited now in holy matrimony and a fire blazes, not just in my heart and my head but in my whole body and all around me, as I perceive the Re-Union of what was never parted the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. O most holy day, O most holy revelation.

Thank you Mother-Father God and so it is.