Aedamar Kirrane
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The Stillness of Love


I draw now, into me, the stillness of God. Immediately my head is on fire as Peace flows O most beautifully in through the crown of my head. I draw on the Stillness of God, and the Stillness of God is in me. This Stillness is not of me, this Stillness is of God. “Be still and know that I AM.” Only when we still ourselves can the Stillness of God enter us, and equally can we enter the Stillness that is God. God in Its whole being is utter Stillness, utter Peace, utter Love, and utter Joy. What else but Stillness-Itself could give us Stillness itself?  I am now stilled by Love. I am stilled by Light. I am stilled by God.

In drawing this Stillness into me, in knowing and feeling myself now stilled in the Love of God and in the Peace of God, I know that I am still in God. I never left God. No one ever leaves God. It is impossible to leave God for everything is God, everything is of God, everything created by God, everything created by the creative force that is God and that is Love, and that manifests as Light. I am still in God. Everybody and every beautiful part of Created Nature is still in God. We are still in God because we have our being in God. God is Being. We derive our beingness from Being Itself. We beings belong to Being-itself. We are still, in the Being of God.

This unearthly stillness that I feel in myself now, is the Presence of God in me, and I am in the Presence of God. With God there is only ever one event, and it is circular. What happens in God happens in Its creations, and when Its creations remember that they are still in God, what happens in them happens in God.

This beautiful, sublime stillness that I feel in me now belongs to God, and I feel it because I have remembered my belongingness to God. This stillness is of God. This stillness flows into me because I have settled myself both to enter the Presence of the Divine, and to receive in me the Presence of the Divine. The Divine and I are now united in one heart. I am in the heart of God and God is in my heart. There is but One heart. There is only ever One.

Where we see multiplicity, we are seeing as if through a prism, where the light is dispersed in multiple colours, but these all belong to the one white light. Where we see multiplicity, it is because we are seeing with our beautiful earthly eyes. When we want to see the One, when we want to see One-ness, when we want to feel One-ness, when we want to perceive One-ness, when we want to know One-ness, when we want to be One, then we no longer use our beautiful earthly eyes, instead  we use our spiritual eyes and we enter the realm above knowing which is unknowing where all is One and all is Still, and all is at Peace, as I now am at peace in this beautiful contemplation of the Stillness of Love.

What else does Love offer but Peace, Love, Joy, Stillness, One-ness. We are all One. We make up the One. We make up what God is. In creating us, God as the creative force of Love, as the loving force of Creation, expanded unto Itself, and produced out of Itself, as a white light shining through a beautiful prism, It produced out of Itself a seeming multitude of beings. We are those beings. All of Creation are those beings.  But most beautifully, that which the creative force of Love and the loving force of Creation produced out of Itself did not leave the Stillness, did not leave the still Heart of God, did not leave the Womb of our Mother God.

We are held eternally as we were made – light in the Light, love in Love, and it is available to us to connect with this Light and Love in the Stillness of God any time we wish. As now for example, inhaling one profoundly conscious breath to draw in the Divine, the Divine flows like a burning river of fire in through my head and rushes all the way down through my body and out through my feet into Mother Earth. One breath is all it takes to call the Divine into us, for the Divine is always already calling us into It, into our self-knowing as belonging most beautifully and eternally in the Stillness of God, in the Peace of heaven, in the Light of Christ, in the Womb of Mary. We belong O most eternally in the holy Womb of God, in the holy Heart of God, in the holy Mind of God, in the holy Being that is God.

Blessed am I to feel the fire of Love rushing in through my head as I speak, and blessed am I to speak of the holiness of Love. Blessed am I to know myself in the holiness of Love, blessed am I to know all, and everybody and everything in the holiness of Love, in the wholeness of Love. Love is whole and complete and One unto Itself and everything that is belongs in the wholeness of Love. This is a holy knowing, that we belong to the wholeness of Love.

Fire in my head, fire in my mind, fire in my being, fire in my body. I am on fire with the love of God. I am on fire, stilled in the Love of God.  I am on fire in the Peace of God. I am on fire in the Peace that is God, for the Peace that is God is in me. I am in the Peace of God, the Peace of God is in me. I belong to the Love of God, the Love of God belongs to me. I am joyous in God, God is joyous in me. God as Joy, as Peace, as Life, as Love, is in me as I am in It.

O most holy knowing, O most holy day, that the Divine comes to me when I come to the Divine. Speak Lord your servant is listening. What would You have me know today? “That which I would have you know, is that you are light in My Light, love in My Love, peace in My Peace,  joy in My Joy, still in My Stillness.”

Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire. I am on fire in the Fire of Love. And the Fire of Love is on fire in me.

Thank you, Mother-Father God for revealing these great truths to me. Amen.