Aedamar Kirrane
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The Presence of Love


I enter now into the Presence of Divine Love. I enter now, flowing as a peaceful river, I enter God. By this I mean that I enter now the realm of knowing that, all is in fact, Love. I enter this knowing and I enter this being.I know that we are all beings of Love and I know that it is our free choice whether to acknowledge this truth or not. Today in this moment, I choose to acknowledge the truth that I am a being-of-love, free to enter into the pure, majestic, divine Presence of Love, this moment, and indeed at any moment that I choose. Fire in my head.   

When I choose to enter my self-knowing as a being-of-love I become One with Love and then I am suffused with the Peace of the Divine, I am stilled with the Stillness of the Divine, and I am most joyous with Divine Joy. This is my homecoming, this glorious re-entry into my perfection in my self-knowing as a being-of-love. And immediately following on from this self-knowing is my knowing of every other being as equally, always already, like me, a being-of-love. And here now in this realm of peaceful Love I encounter every other being in its truth.  

When I enter into this beautiful place of Peace and Love in my mind, and with my whole being, it is a necessary law of Love that here I encounter every other being that ever was, is, or will be. Here in the place of Peace, here in Love-itself, everything has its existence. Nothing can exist outside the creative force that brought it into existence, and that creative force is Love. That which Love has made in order to love it, belongs most primordially to Love-itself.

When we choose to see the light, we not only see the Light-itself but we see that we ourselves are always already Light. We have been Light all along but we have hidden this Light under our other preoccupations, concerns, cares, activities, beliefs, ideologies, lifestyles. When we seek the Light we realise that the Light has O most eternally, always been seeking us. When we seek the Light, the Light is immediately available to us, and in encountering the Light we equally, necessarily, encounter ourselves as Light, as Love; as light in the great Light, as love in the great Love. This is our Awakening. This is our homecoming. This is our true self-knowing – that we are light in the Light, and love in Love.

When we come into this self-knowing ... we then face a choice: Will we remain, in our minds and in our beings, in this knowing that we are beings-of-light-and-love, and that all are beings-of-light-and-love; and that we may live in Love if we choose to do so, this instant? Will we make that choice to remain in the realm of Love, and the knowing of Love, and the being of Love? Or will we turn away? Will we turn away from this new knowing? Will we reject it? Will we postpone it?  Will we decide that it is not for us? Will we decide that we were mistaken in thinking that we were beings-of-light-and-love, in Light and Love-itself? Could we be fearful of this new self-knowing?

This is the point at which we face the choice. This is when free will faces the one choice, the one fork in the road. Will we choose for Love, or will we choose for not-Love? Free will is really only relevant when we face the choice for Love, or the choice for not-Love. Everything else is only minor and preliminary on the path to the great choice. Will we choose for Love or will we choose not-Love?  

Is this really an option, when one is faced with Love-itself, with the Light-itself? Is it really an option to turn away from Love? Is it really an option to deny our self-knowing as beings-of-light-and-love, created by Light and Love, created in Light and Love, for Light and Love? Is it truly an option to choose against Love once we know Light, and once we know Love? Is this really an option?

This morning on May Day, as I meditate, I know myself as having entered into the Light of Love, and the Love that is Light. I know that both myself and every other being, both human and natural, and of course spiritual and angelic and archangelic and Divine, belong most gloriously in the Circle of Light and Love. And my prayer is that I will hold this beautiful knowing in my mind, in my heart, in my body, in my being, in my knowing … not only for the rest of the day, and not only for the rest of the week, the month, the year, but for my entire life, so that when this life ends I will have a seamless transition into Light-itself and into Love-itself.

I pray to my glorious guardians and guides: Mary Magdalene and her beloved Christ, I pray to all of my guardians, my guides, my angelic guardians, my spiritual guides, my human guides, supports, friends, the circle and the network of Love which is growing in my life. I pray for your loving, compassionate, powerful, courageous strength and support that I may live out my days as a servant of Love, as a servant of the Light.