Aedamar Kirrane
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The Fire of Love


Let me burn in the fire of your love O Lord. Let me burn in your holy womb, Mary Magdalene. I pray to burn incandescently so that nothing of what I made of myself for myself will remain. I pray to burn in the light of Love so that I become one with the light of Love. I pray to burn as dry wood in a furnace so that I contribute my entire being to the Fire. I contribute my whole being, all that I am, to the Fire that is Love, that is the Divine. And in burning in the Incandescent Fire of Love, I live.

The deadweight of all that I thought to create for my own self-identity and my own being, now blazes in the Fire wherein I come onto my true identity as knowing myself as a child of the Fire of Love. All are children of the Fire of Love. Here in the Fire of Love I meet all other beings in their truth, in their true identity, in their I-am-self as a being of the Light, as a being of Love.

I offer myself on the holy Pyre of Love. I offer, for everything that has not been gifted to me by the Light, to be burned in an incandescent fire of Love whereby I come into my self-knowing as a being-of-light-and-love, held eternally in the fiery heart-womb of God, my Mother, my Father. This ritual sacrifice of myself is no sacrifice at all, rather it is a divine blessing to come into my self-knowing in the Fire of Love. I have my true existence in the Fire of Love when I know that the joy of burning in Love, the joy, the ecstasy of receiving the Fire of heaven into my body, this mystical explosion, this ecstasy of Love in me, is a revelation of my truth as a being that burns eternally in the Love of God. And there is no pain, there is only joy. There is no hurt, there is no cost, there is no cost at all to burn in the Fire of Love, rather it is an engulfing, overwhelming gift by the Divine, of the Divine, to us. It is the gift of coming into our self-knowing as light-beings-of-love, and loving-beings-of-light, at home in the fiery heart-womb-mind of God.

God blazes as a Fire of Love eternally, and God offers to us our true home in God’s Fire of Love. This is where we belong. And the Fire of Love is an ecstasy, it is an indescribable joy to feel myself burning in this Fire of Love, in the revelation of Heaven, in the revelation of eternity, in the revelation of the Fire of the heart-womb of God. It is the most sublime blessing, it is the greatest, most indescribable joy to feel myself burning in the Fire of God’s Love; to feel God’s Love burning in me, my body burning with the fiery Love of God as I burn in the Fire that is God’s Love.

There is one fire and my heart burns in it, and it burns in my heart. There is one heart. There is one fire. There is one knowing. There is one ecstasy. There is one joy. There is one peace, and it is the Fire of God made up of the glorious existence of all that God has ever created. We are the kindle to the Fire of God. Without Creation God would not burn in Love, God would simply be unto Itself in Its own ground. But as soon as God manifested to Itself as Existence, the Fire of Love, of its heart-womb, was started. And that Fire burns eternally, kindled by the love of the beings that Love-itself created. We are in the fiery womb of God, we are in the fiery heart of God, we burn to know ourselves ecstatic in the eternal joy of God.

Enter the Fire. Enter the Light. Enter the Love that is God. Place yourself on the Fire of Love and burn eternally to return to the place that we never left, the heart-womb of God, our origin and our ultimate destination.

The time has come for humanity to begin to enter this self-knowing that we make up the fire that is God. We make up the Love that is God. We make up the Light that is God. We make up the Joy that is God. Without us there is no Joy. Without all that God created, human and spiritual, there is no fiery Love. The womb would be empty, the fireplace full of ash, but with us the womb is bursting with life, and the fire is blazing in the heart of God.

Know yourself as making up a part of that which is the Love of God, the Light of God, the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Know yourself not only as belonging, but as integrally important to making up what is the Light and the Love of God. We make up, along with every other created form and being, we make up the Light and the Love of God. Burn in this self-knowing, burn in this knowing that we make up the Fire that is the Love of God.

Bless me Mother-Father God. Fiery Love of the Holy Spirit, bless me. Keep me safe as I share these glorious secrets of Life. Bless me Mother-Father God, Light – Love – Fire – Bliss – Joy – Ecstasy. Bless me I pray, Amen.