Aedamar Kirrane
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Divine Sparks of Love


I come to you now Jesus my father, mother, Mary Magdalene. I come to you in joy, and I come to you suffused with the peace of God, for in my whole being I know not only that I am loved by Love-itself but that I am love, hewn out of Love-itself.I sit here in holy wonderment at the peace that is in my heart, my soul, my mind, and in my body. I sit in wonder that I am love and that I am loved, and now, that I too love, as I am loved.

My entire being and identity derives from The I AM.  As all are made out of The I AM, I too am made out of The I AM. I too am made out of The I AM, and the substance of The I AM itself was used in my creation. The sublime spiritual substance of The I AM is Love, and all that Love-itself hewed out of Itself, out of Its holy Womb, out of Its Forge, out of the burning Fire of Love at the core of Its Being, all those beings were hewn in Love. And we sparked off the Divine Anvil and we flowed on a river of Love, on a river of Peace, on a river of Joy, on a river of Stillness, out of the heart-womb of Mother-Father God. And we flowed out into the created universe.

We are now, still, those divine sparks of light, love, peace, joy, and stillness. And all that is needed is to open the inner eyes of the heart, the inner eyes of the soul, in order to look with love at who and what we truly are. I have been blessed and guided to use my inner seeing and my higher knowing to discover what it is and who it is that I am. And I have discovered that behind all of the fear, behind the pain, and behind the hurt, was the completely unblemished, thriving, living, pulsating, spark of divine love that I am. And the miracle of coming into this self-knowing is that it carries with it the knowing of every other being in existence - human and natural - as equally sparks of divine light-love living in peace and joy in their truth.

And so now the way is clear. When I look now, I train myself to look with my inner eyes, with my spiritual eyes, and to use my higher knowing, to use the faculty of unknowing which engages the principle of Love in its seeing. I see now with the eyes of Love, I hear with the ears of Love, and I speak with the voice of Love. I now know that all is Love. I see myself with loving eyes, I am tender with myself and gentle with myself and I see everybody else with loving eyes and I am equally tender with them and loving towards them and gentle with them, and tender towards them. And in this way it is not me, Aedamar, who performs any of these acts, rather it is the most sublime divine Love-itself Who performs these acts of perfection through me. We are all creations of Love, out of Love, by Love, made for Love-itself and so we are rightly tuned in the Divine when we are as the Divine wishes to play us. We are love in the hands of Love. We move in the rhythm of Love. We are joyous in the Joy of Love. We are peaceful in the Peace of Love.

Love Itself is living in us. Love Itself is living through us. Love made us in order that Love might enjoy created existence. We are the expression of Love in created form. We need do nothing but look on in fiery wonder and blazing awe at the miracle that we are in fact being lived by Love. We are being spoken by Love, we are being breathed by Love. In our living rightly aligned with Love, we become Love itself. And we are known in the worldby our presence of Love, that our presence testifies to our being-in-Love. Our presence testifies to our being as Love. Our presence testifies to the fact that we know we are loved, and in knowing ourselves loved we instantly want to love others. We want to share in this glorious cycle of Love, this circle of Love. We want to share in this glorious Circle of Love where love flows from one to the other, ceaselessly, endlessly, eternally. Love cannot stop flowing because Love is; and what is, is an eternal truth. And so, we hope then to live in harmony and in peace with the beautiful knowing that we are light in the Light, love in Love, peace in Peace, joy in Joy and still in the Stillness of God.

Thank you Mother-Father God and so it is.