Aedamar Kirrane

Meditation & Conversion to Love

Mystical Gift of Love

Everything changed in Aedamar’s life when in January 2015 she began a daily practice of meditation. Almost immediately, very unusual, unexpected, and exquisite, sacred spiritual experiences began to unfold during her meditations. Aedamar has always been a keen student of mysticism, reading deeply in the mystical traditions across the three Abrahamic faiths for over twenty five years. This background reading and learning enabled Aedamar to understand all that was now occurring as the most profound of spiritual gifts, mystical experiences and visions, including on some rare occasions Union with the Divine, unfolded during her meditations. The golden thread that ran through all of her hundreds of daily mystical experiences that lasted over two years, and continue now in a different vein, was and is, LOVE. After every meditation Aedamar wrote down all that had happened and these writings will be published in book form in due course.

Conversion to Love

This powerful conversion to Love made it inevitable that Aedamar would once more change the direction of her life. She has now embarked on this new path of sharing, in many different ways, all that she has learned of Love. It is now her life’s work and her committed vision to support others in coming to know that the fundamental Law of Life is Love. To her deepest core Aedamar understands that the Meaning of Life is Love, the Purpose of Life is Love, and Endpoint of Life is Love.

East - West Wisdom

Aedamar belongs to the Christian tradition. She has also studied Eastern wisdom systems both as part of her philosophy degree and privately. Whilst mysticism transcends religion it is almost always the case that the mystic’s experiences will be consonant with their own faith or background. Aedamar reads deeply in spirituality, philosophy, mystical theology, consciousness, the contributions of quantum science to understanding consciousness, psychotherapy, psycho-spirituality, yoga, mind body spirit, complementary health therapies, and more. She practices yoga under the guidance of Eleanor Dawson.

"May all who walk the Way of Love know themselves blessed infinitely in the Love of the Divine."  - Aedamar Kirrane