Aedamar Kirrane


Light on Fire is divided into two parts. Part One offers detailed accounts of the major moments of the spontaneous spiritual, and then mystical, awakening that I experienced in 2015. These are framed within the overall context of my life story, specifically, how I had always felt myself to be different to other people: lost, not belonging, searching for meaning etc... I present the awakening in precisely the naïve way I experienced it – not knowing that certain diverse experiences were part of an overall Awakening experience. I knew nothing about spiritual awakening, and I was not a spiritual seeker.

The mystical experiences began about six months later, and then I recognised, in shock, that I was becoming a mystic. I share my deep struggle to accept this fact, and to respond to the call by Jesus to share his message of Love with the world, through writing this book. Part One shows that, in retrospect, my life long struggle to belong and to find meaning and purpose in life, were all related to this exact moment of coming home to who I am in my truth: a mystic and a spiritual writer-teacher.

In Part Two, I bring the reader with me on my in-depth enquiry into the many questions I now had about spiritual awakening, and which the reader will have for themselves too: How had it happened; and why had I known nothing about Waking-up? Given that I now knew there is no separation between God and humanity, why do we live as if there is? Why do we live such broken lives if we are created to live lives of light and love? Why was there nothing in entire Western socio-cultural-religious context of my life that had prepared me for this awakening? How can an apparently finite human being experience Divine Union? What went wrong in the West that we live with so much trauma in our culture?

My philosophical researches brought me back 2,500 years where I identified three seminal missteps by the emerging modern human of that era, that led us completely off track as a species and led directly to the chaos of our times today. These are the missteps: (1) We wrote a narrative of separation between God and humanity into the emerging modern psyche leading to a fatal warping of our self-identity, and the introduction of dualism. (2) Reason came online as a new human faculty. Instead of integrating it with all previous meaning making systems, especially spiritual wisdom, it was allowed to take over – given priority as the dominant way of understanding ourselves and the world. This is what caused spiritual wisdom to be lost. (3) Christianity, which became dominant religion of the West, compounded these errors by prioritising intellectual theologising over Jesus’ message of Love. All of these missteps can, and must, be undone by retrieving the lost art of Waking-up as a natural life event.

Who the Book is For...

Light on Fire is aimed at readers aged 30 to 60 (primarily female), who are spiritual but not religious. They feel a spiritual hunger but do not necessarily know how to engage with it in this time when there is a spiritual vacuum in the West. They are actively looking for guidance on the spiritual path. The reader is hungry to know how to Awaken, and also to know what went wrong with our culture and civilization, and how to fix it, so that all of our lives can up-level to Love. They are open to Jesus’ message of love, but not necessarily to Christianity. They are very keen to have an awakening but do not know how to go about it – it seems esoteric and complex.

The book informs the reader that Waking-up is a completely natural milestone of ordinary life that we should all expect to experience. It shares my discovery that spiritual awakening has its own intelligence and needs to be approached in a unique way – the mystic way, with an attitude of awe, surrender, curiosity, and humility, before the unknown. It explains how Western humanity went wrong, historically, and how we lost our innate spiritual wisdom. It is in this context that I share what I now know about Waking-up. I offer a novel and compelling theory on the meaning and purpose of life.

By analysing the exact movements of my own awakening, I identified precisely the intelligence of the Awakening process and I share this with the reader. I guide the reader through what I now know are the steps of the ‘process’ of Waking-up. I have identified what I am calling, ‘the archetypal milestones of Waking-up.’ I name and explain these milestones for the reader. I describe and name the signs of the impulse to awaken that we no longer recognize as such; I show the reader how to recognize them in their own life. I share the interpretive tools that I discovered are necessary to engage in the Awakening process as a wholly natural life event. I give my own lived experience of the very unusual way the Awakening may unfold and this gives confidence to the reader to let it happen to them too. I emphasise that Awakening happens to us – we do not direct it. We do however block it from happening by dint of our socio-cultural-religious ignorance about it. I show the reader how to engage with it consciously and spiritually. This is how we retrieve the lost spiritual wisdom in order to heal ourselves and our culture.

I share that, only when we Awaken, will we come into the truth of who we are, and be whole-ed and healed. Spiritual Awakening is the natural climax of the trajectory of human life: from physical-biological, to psychological-intellectual, to spiritual-intuitive growth and development. It is also the self-regulating mechanism of humanity. The reader will learn that Waking-up brings us into the most authentic expression of ourselves and gently guides us to express our innate gifts in our career and in our lives, in such a way that we offer them in service to the whole community, offering healing to the world at this time of crisis.

Ultimately, Waking-up will bring the reader into the most incredible sense of homecoming to what really matters in life. It has given me a beautiful sense of the oneness of all in God, and I have a deep sense of calling to contribute to the healing of humanity and the planet through telling my story, and sharing Jesus’ message of Love. The reader will experience their own unique version of homecoming to themselves and to God when they too Wake-up. Waking-up is what is needed to save humanity and mother Earth at this time.



About the Author

{HEADSHOT} Former barrister, Aedamar Kirrane's plans were dramatically interrupted in 2015 when she experienced a spontaneous spiritual and Christian mystical awakening which changed the course of her life. It was at this time that she felt a strong calling to become a spiritual writer and to speak the healing love of Jesus back into the West.

Aedamar’s sense of mission is to retrieve the lost spiritual wisdom of the West, and contribute to re-spiritualising the world with higher Love.

Winner of the Hay House UK, Dublin Writer’s Workshop 2019 competition, her book, Light on Fire: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Waking-Up will be published February 2021.

Aedamar works as a Soul Writing guide, leading people in the art of meditation and journaling at the level of the soul. She also mentors spiritual authors who want to bring books of healing into the world.

In addition to her legal training, Aedamar holds a double first in Philosophy and English and an MA in Creative Writing.


"Aedamar is a gifted scholar, philosopher and a compassionate teacher for anyone who desires to deepen into an authentic and richer experience of living life from Love.

I see her inspired reflections and teachings alongside John O'Donohue and the “masters".

Her podcast series of mystical meditations set to music are intoxicating - exquisitely beautiful, inviting my Soul to stillness and serenity, and a deep “knowing” of mySelf as a Being of Love and Joy. Spiritually rich and uplifting."

- Danila Székely, Transformational Coach | Facilitator | Speaker | Your New Story Now!, MBA, M.Ed, ORSCC, CPCC

"I have been honoured to have come to know Aedamar over recent years. I have also had the privilege of working with her and this has been an inspiring, insightful and enriching experience for me.

Aedamar is a very learned scholar and academic. She has a deep interest in and love for philosophy, psychology and mysticism. She is profoundly well-read and educated in these areas and the depth of her learnedness and academic talent is vast. To hear her speak and share the knowledge and wisdom that she has attained from such in-depth and dedicated study is inspirational. Aedamar is also an extremely gifted writer.

Aedamar is utterly devoted to her work as a scholar, philosopher and teacher. She speaks so openly, honestly and heartfeltly about her work and the path that has opened before her. Her meditations are illustrative of the peace, love, solace, and serenity that one can attain within oneself when our divine essence is embraced. Her meditations are graced with purity, serenity and peace.

I would hope that anyone who has a yearning to come to know themselves and their Divine essence will meet Aedamar. They will find great insight, learning, and solace in working with her. Aedamar is thoughtful, generous, kind and compassionate, and she also has a wonderful sense of humour. I am very grateful that our paths in life have crossed."

- Brian Peoples CST-T MIACST, Upledger Institute of Craniosacral Therapy